Welcome to Holly Hardwick Crowns.

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St. Louis, MO 63108

+1 (800) 684-1107

Welcome to our CUSTOM DESIGNS department where we can help fulfill your design requirements. We make our CUSTOM TIARAS, CROWNS and SCEPTERS right here in the USA. Our factory has been in business for over 30 years pleasing our special clients. Give us your ideas, design and desires for that special crown or scepter to your needs. Typically, it takes a few weeks from start to finish, and you will then have the perfect design that you want.

The styles shown here represent what I call a "starting point". Let your imagination flow. *We can "add to", "subtract from" or "combine elements" in these designs. A “tiara” can be turned into a “full crown” or be minimized . We can change the base of the design to have more or less rows of rhinestones, change the height, change the colors of the stones, change the plating to silver or gold, add pearls, add other colored crystals available from Swarovski, and on and on.

*We can add words or motifs to the design. If you have a “logo” that you want in the design just share that with us and we will make it happen. *The circumference of the tiara or crown can be made to your specific measurements.

Please fill out the CONSULTATION FORM provided here or just call Holly directly. 800-684-1107


Our beautiful Seville Crown is a full oval crown done in Genuine...


Our Brussels Crown is a perfect example of the classic garland style...


Our Sunset Tiara is an extremely becoming tiara on the head. With...


Our spectacular Westport Crown is densely encrusted with Genuine Austrian Crystals. This...


Our Presence Tiara is made with Genuine Austrian Crystals and is truly...

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